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[ArmA 3] Staff Member Application Template & Requirements

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Imperfect Gaming ArmA 3 Staff Member Application

Please note: You're applying for all available positions on all current and future ArmA 3 servers.
Eventually, successful and active admins will become admins on the Imperfect Gaming network. (All servers)
(*Additional testing may be required for some servers such as roleplay servers, etc)


Minimum 1-week playtime on the server (Void for now)
Minimum 7 hours playtime a week. (On 1 server)
Some sort of admin experience on any other game.
Ability to make decisions quickly and fairly.
Must have a microphone and the ability to use it.
Remain calm in stressful situations.
Just be a decent human...

Please don't pm other staff members about your application. We promise to process it in under 7 days. (Unless otherwise specified)

Please put some effort into the application, feel free to add colors, etc but do not edit the general format.

Application Format:




1 ) General Questions:

1.1. First Name:
1.2. Age:
1.3. ArmA 3 Username(s):
1.4. ArmA 3 UID:
1.5. Steam ID:
1.6. What server will you be on most of the time?: (REMOVE THIS AFTER: By this, we're asking what server do you want to manage most of the time? Obviously, you can't be online on all of the servers so to "count" your activity we want to know what server you'll be on)
1.7. Do you have a microphone and do you have the ability to use it?:

2 ) Experience Questions:

2.1. What kind of admin/moderator experience do you have?:
2.2. Can you be impartial in all situations?:
2.3a. Have you ever abused your powers as a staff member? If so, when and how?:
2.3b. If you've abused before what "stops" you from doing it again?:
2.4. Can you please tell us why you want to become a staff member and what can you bring to the community?:

3 ) Situational Questions:

3.1. Please tell us a time of a stressful situation that you've experienced while you were a staff member:
3.1b. How did you deal with that situation?:
3.2 Your friend just has broken a major server rule ex: cheating, no one has seen him do it except for you, and there are no other staff members online what do you do?:
3.3. You've witnessed a staff member breaking one of the server rules what do you do?:
3.4. A player is extremely irritating you. You discover a legitimate reason to ban them. What do you do? How do you react?:
3.5. You discover an administrator is failing to follow proper procedure. What do you do? How do you react?: 

4 ) Additional Information

4.1. What made you decide you wanted to become an Imperfect Gaming ArmA 3 staff member?:
4. 2. What do you wish to do as a staff member?:
4.3. Have you read, and understand each and every rule on our server?:

5 ) Agreements

5.1. Do you agree to be online on the server a minimum of 7 hours a week?:
5.2. Do you agree to follow the server rules at all times?:
5.3. Do you agree to be impartial at all times?:

5.4. Do you understand that you must not leak any player information?. This includes IP’s, locations, emails, etc:
5.5. Do you understand that the Imperfect Gaming community works under a hierarchy?: 
5.6. Do you agree to respect all staff members & players: 
5.7 Do you understand that you must keep your personal information to yourself. (ex: passwords):
5.8. Do you understand that you cannot sell player accounts, this includes your own.:
5.9. Do you understand that staff members must follow the rules, as they can be equally punished.:


Name your topic: [A3] Username Staff Member Application


The application can be used for our other game servers. Unless otherwise specified. Make sure to edit it accordingly.

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