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Official Faction Application
Official Faction Application

Looks like you're ready to make your faction official. Please use this form to apply.
(this is kinda more of an OOC application. So don't worry about mixing IC and OOC)


1. You must be an active member of the community
2. Your faction must be organized. (Needs to have management, employees, etc)
3. Your faction must have rules in place. (Think of the police force of use matrix for example)
4. You must have at least 5 members in your faction.
5. Use a different color for your answers, don't change the format of application, but feel free to play with colors, etc.
6. Any misuse of the funds that you receive will disband your faction. 
7. Breaking the rules of the server repeadetly will disband your faction permanently.
8. You must have a non-official faction topic with information about your faction.


Official Faction Application

Your Information

Discord Username:
RP Name:
Hours played:

Faction Information

Faction Name:
Faction Legality: (Legal/Illegal)
Faction Type: Mafia, Security, government, etc
Faction Background:
Faction Activities: (What do you do?)
Why do you need to become official?: (Do you need something specific to be added, etc?)
The reason you want to become official?:
Do you have any references?: (Other factions, players, admins, etc)

Faction Members:

name 1
name 2
please use hyperlinks


[b]Do you need any funding?: (Yes/No)
Why do you need the funding?:
What is the funding going to be for?:
How much funding do you need?:

initials, please.

I understand that the faction can be disbanded at any time for breaking server rules:
I understand that I cannot abuse the funding for any personal use, it can ONLY be used for faction stuff:
I understand that not all factions will receive funding, regardless of the request:
I already have a non-official faction topic: 
I've read the server rules and faction rules and I fully understood them: 

Make a new topic. Faction Name - Official Faction Application.
ex: Los Santos Hawks - Official Faction Application

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